Are you grappling with the complexities of HR management in Vietnam, or seeking international HR solutions?

Look no further Humamaria is here to simplify your HR journey and ensure your success!


With 10 years of international experience and a commitment to flexibilitycost-efficiency, and compliance, we are your trusted partner in HR.

Our expertise ensures compliance with all legal, government reporting, and policy requirements while providing cost-effective and flexible solutions.


With Humamaria, you’re never alone in navigating the complexities of global HR management.



We understand that managing HR in Vietnam requires intricate knowledge and precise execution.

Let us take care of the complexities, so you can focus on business growth.



 Our specialized services include:

  • ✅Business License and Investment Registration
  • ✅Initial Office setup, Expenses, and Admin tasks
  • ✅Vendor and Supplier coordination
  • ✅Initial Payroll setup and Benefit scheme creation
  • ✅Payment Configuration and Company Policy development
  • ✅Trade Union engagement
  • ✅ Visa Solution
  • ✅AND Personalized services to meet your unique needs



No matter where your business operates, Humamaria has you covered.


Rather than establishing legal entities in every country.  We specialize in offering various  services in more than 150 countries, eliminating the need to set up a legal entity.

Our 24/5 customer service ensures both employee and employer satisfaction.


Our Global Expertise:

  • ✅ Quick international talent onboarding
  • ✅ Various services: Freelancers, AOR, Visa, EOR,...
  • ✅ Payments in local currencies
  • ✅ Multilingual, legally compliant contracts
  • ✅ Tailored employee benefits
  • ✅ Unwavering commitment to compliance
  • ✅ Visa Solution

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