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We Retain 90% of Our Clients at Humamaria for a lasting relationship.
Accuracy and Compliance
Accuracy & Compliance

Ensuring precise payroll, admin, and consultancy services while adhering to all legal requirements

Faster Deliverables

Timely completion of tasks, leveraging agility and responsiveness to meet client deadlines efficiently.

Time and cost savings
Time & Cost Savings

Cost-effective services tailored to client needs, maximizing resources and minimizing overheads

Client Satisfaction
Client Satisfaction

Dedication to exceeding client expectations, providing tailored services, and fostering strong relationships to ensure long-term satisfaction.

ABOUT Humamaria

Hi, Welcome to my Blog!

I am Maria 🙂
Currently, I am a Human Resources Operations Lead for a multinational corporation.
With 10 years of experience in the HR industry, catering to clients across 30+ countries, and offering consultancy services in HR, C&B, Global On-Offboarding and Compliance. My focus lies in optimizing processes, costs, compliance, and ensuring the satisfaction of both clients and employees.

Through this blog, you will find insights, experiences related to HR, technology, lifestyle, as well as advice and guidance to help you grow in your career and business endeavors.

Hope you will discover valuable information!

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